Monday, March 6, 2017

Biology: The Study of Life

Biology; the study of life and living organisms.

Bio - life (Greek origin) ~ logy - study of (Greek origin)

Image result for biologyBiology is a natural science, it focuses on many aspects of life and living organisms, including structure, growth, function, evolution and much more. There are many branches and divisions in modern biology, some include, biochemistry, botany, cellular biology, and physiology. This vast study is changing and developing constantly since it's estimated origin in the ancient times. There are seven known kingdoms that are studied through biology. Animalia, which focuses on the animal kingdom, Planta, which covers plants, Fungi, which focuses on fungus, Stramenopila/Chromista,which covers algae. The others are Bacteria, Archaea and Viruses. Like all other studies, there are many unanswered biology questions. One of which is the question of why living organisms age. Scientists are intensely study in hopes of answer this question and many others similar to it. "By 'life' we mean a thing that can nourish itself and grow and decay." - Artistotle; scientist and philosopher. 

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